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Welcome to Las Vigas

Hello.! We are Pedro and Vanessa, owners of Las Vigas. We are very pleased to have you stay with us.

In the year 2012, we embarked on the adventure of owning a rural house in the southern part of Tenerife. We bought the house and a little later the surrounding land as well. Little by little, by saving carefully, with a lot of effort, and above all investing our time, we have managed to turn our dream into a reality: having a rural house with a great deal of history and enchantment.

Now we have set ourselves the challenge to turn it into something more than a rural house. We want Las Vigas to be the living example of the history and customs of southern Tenerife.

In the globalized world in which we live today, traditions and local culture are under threat.

Through Las Vigas we want to make the local history and customs known, and also increase awareness of being surrounded by nature. We want to do this by means of activities and workshops that have as their main theme the conservation and distribution of the cultural, ethnographic and natural patrimony of the Arico and Fasnia region.

Thus we intend to offer a complete and memorable rural living experience, not only to resident guests of Las Vigas but also to others who are interested in this and who would like to visit us for a day.

Las Vigas Nosotros
Las Vigas Flora
Las Vigas Agricultura



We regard it as the moral essence of Las Vigas to take decisions in full conscience and to be coherent in what we say, do and think.


We make an effort to preserve and support that which is authentic, unique and different.


The relationship that we have with our guests, visitors, co-workers and suppliers is close, amiable and always built on empathy.


We are aware of difficulties and assume the necessary attitude to take risks and achieve.

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