Our promise

When looking for rural tourism accommodation, always think about the impact of your trip and choose responsible companies. It,s the best way to protect the rural world and preserve the environment and sustainable tourism of Tenerife.

Sustainability is implicit in our project. When we reformed Las Vigas to convert the building into a rural tourism accommodation, we knew that part of our mission was to establish a social, economic and environmental commitment with our closest environment, the Abona Region.

Cooperation with projects in the area and family businesses is the best way to take care of the identity that the companies involved have.

All this has been reflected, among others, with the “certificate of Ally to the Charter for the Sustainability of Tenerife”. This seal recognizes our efforts to strengthen local heritage and help preserve it, as well as the work of our project in favor of the local economy and the sustainable development of the island.

What is the Tenerife Sustainability Charter

This is a project promoted by the Cabildo de Tenerife to promote the island as a sustainable tourist space, which has a positive impact on the local population and those who visit it.